CCTV Security Systems

Protect your business or home from theft, vandalism, and other crimes with a CCTV Security System, our bestselling product

CORPORATE-SECURITYCustomers include:

  • Business owners and management staff to prevent theft, abuse, and false claims
  • Concerned parents using nanny cameras to monitor and ensure their children’s safety
  • Elementary schools and universities to prevent student abductions, illegal activities, vandalism, and other crimes.

CCTV Security Systems (Closed Circuit Television) cameras can be visible, discreet, or a combination of both. Visible cameras serve as a deterrent for potential crimes and discreet cameras help record and provide video evidence of any criminal activity that may occur. These security systems connect to one monitoring system and record activity taking place through the use of well-place cameras. The user is able to access and view activity safely from a remote location.

There are many products on the market today and it is difficult to know which product to select. Capital District Security offers the latest products and our professional staff will provide our expertise in helping you select, place, and comfortably use your CCTV Security System.