Standalone Covert Systems

Want to install just one object, instead of buying an elaborate security system?

Our stationary cameras can serve as a security system for your home or office. With a standalone covert system, everything is recorded inside an ordinary object (alarm clock, smoke detector, plant camera, alarm/motion sensor, etc.) and the device will be linked remotely so you can view the recording from a safe distance.

Featured Products

Wifi Clock Camera
Time is well spent with this hidden camera disguised as a table clock transmitting a secure, interference free video signal. Connecting directly to your wireless router for remote viewing and recording, this clock camera is great for home, commercial or industrial spaces. This device includes software that allows up to 9 cameras view via the internet without requiring any 3rd party service.
Wifi Smoke Detector Camera
Watch your video feed from virtually anywhere while recording through your PC with this easy to install Wifi smoke detector camera. Transmitting up to 500 feet, use the impression of an expected home device for surveillance made simple with remote viewing, zero interference, and affordable compatibility with select operating systems.
Motion Detection AC Adapter
Power up your security with this motion detection AC adapter, offering covert and flexible recording in various locations. Including 720P video resolution with a built-in DVR that records color HD in-room motion captured video. With a removable memory card, you can capture footage again and again with ease. This adapter also includes on-board controls to make it easier to switch between features and transfer or playback your recorded videos to any computer.
Car Remote DVR Key Chain
A fob that does more than it may appear. With a full HD spy camera and DVR car key fob remote, this familiar looking key chain includes a 5 and 10 mega pixel camera producing a fine 1920 x1080 pixel video resolution recording. With up to 30 frames per second video recordings and a voice recorder function, capture images and sound from this small device in both daylight and darkness with the night vision IR lights. Requires a 4GB-32GB class 6 or class 10 micro SD memory.
Audio Recorders

Conversations take place once and never again. We have extended play products which can record up to 1100 hours and that can hook up to any phone. These devices are helpful to record one-on-one conversations, meetings, lectures for students in school, etc.