Electronic Sweep Services

Do you suspect that your home or business has been illegally wiretapped or bugged?

If so, we have products and services which will detect these hidden devices, remove them, and help you protect your privacy going forward.

There has been a phenomenal increase in the use of telephone wiretaps and hidden room bugs. Electronic eavesdropping has invaded and compromised homes and boardrooms everywhere. Information theft in the form of industrial spying can occur anywhere at any time with private conversations conducted in person, over the phone, and through email communication may be compromised. Our Team of professionals at Capital District Security are here to help. We protect you and your privacy through our electronic sweep services and restore your peace of mind. If our full sweep services are not within your budget, we offer the latest high-quality anti-wiretapping and bug detection products that you can use to conduct the sweep yourself.

If you think you need our electronic sweep services, call us at 703-803-6152 from a secure phone line (not email) to speak to one of our trained staff members and get a free 20 minute assessment and consultation.

Featured Product

RF Bug Detector
The thought of being listened to without your knowledge is not an unfamiliar worry these days. Sweep suspicions away with the right technology to detect bug devices in your home or office. Designed to detect both digital and analogue signals, a detector with high sensitivity is a must with various signal output strengths on the market. This detector features a rich professional grade handheld RF counter surveillance sweeper.